Gavin Brown Memorial


Gavin Brown Memorial 2019

Ipswich Field Archery Club held the 10th Gavin Brown Memorial Shoot over the Australia Day weekend, 26th and 27th of January 2019. There were 67 archers over the weekend that shot to remember a great friend and archer. We shot 20 targets on Saturday and had a few fun shots in the afternoon. A 90m mule deer shot closest to the centre was won by Dwayn Callon. The iron boar was also out for fun and was won by Josh McEwan; shooting a 14 at 50m. Not to forget our young archers having a blast shooting at balloons hanging from Ray Knights drone. Thank you Ray for spending your time encouraging our young archers and having fun. On Sunday we shot 20 targets; archers had the choice to make up points by shooting at either large or small targets for extra points. There was a 21st target you had the choice to shoot, the iron boar. As a result 8 shooters won a free club shoot by having a go at it and hitting the 10.

On the day the highest score shot overall was 413 by Brett Pirlo.

The most awesome shot was also Brett Pirlo at the 70m lion, shooting 11 at 70m.

Congratulations to all the winners and competitors over the weekend it was an excellent day and we look forward to the next one. Also a huge thank you to everyone that helped put the shoot together.