3DAAA Victorian State Series – Twin City Archers


From a competitors view going to a Twin Cities Archers 3D AAA event.

From the time you arrive, and people are arriving from mid Friday afternoon to Saturday morning before the shoots starts, 3D AAA members and the club members are making sure the members and new people are not left out.

From the initial greeting to the assistance with equipment and the added benefit of having Peters little workshop, bow parts and accessories great to have onsite.
A great indoor range that is a huge building and the club allows all archers the option to camp out onsite, sleep indoors or get accommodation in the local motels. Staying at the local Coal Valley Motor Inn was a pleasure as the venue owners look after the archers attending the events in the area as I am sure others in the area do as well.

The day starts by making sure we have all people present into groups, a brief outline of where the courses are laid out, any anomalies at targets that shooters need to be aware of and then the event begins by archers taking to the ranges.

The ranges are set out around the club house, the walking from target to target is a comfortable walk from ranges that are shot from sand mounds across flats through to treed areas and a great “tree stand shot” from an elevated platform.

After the first days shooting all archers are invited to attend one of the local RSL’s for dinner. A great time for all to catch up over a great meal, relax and reflect on the day that was.

Before dinner, the teams have already rest the courses for the day, and there are hints of what await us on day two.

Day two, is filled with its own challenges, and we are then brought together for presentations.

All in all, if you like 3D and want a fun weekend make sure that you plan to take the time to come to one of these events at Twin City Archers.