3DAAA Victorian State Series – Diamond Valley Archers


Diamond Valley Archers Inc. in Victoria has an extremely busy calendar.

Not Just Archery, the Grand Prix, plus much more taking place across Melbourne, all demanding time and effort to prepare, organise and run.
None the less the dedicated 3D shooters in the State look forward to the 3D AAA Series of events and the clubs in Victoria have learnt the meaning of working together.

So let me say upfront, without our dedicated team, these events could not be run and managed so thank you, to my youngest cubs, their parents and our club members.

Next our Sponsors, take time to visit our website http://www.3daaa.com/ and support our sponsors that assist us with gift vouchers and giveaways
The shoot begins weeks before with how do we lay out our field course, how do we make it different and challenging yet safe and fun for all our competitors; from the dedicated 3D Archer to the novice coming to one of our vents for the first time.

For those that have not shot the Diamond Valley field course; it is considered by some as one that has unique challenges from shots taken through gullies, flat shots and incredible shadows that can change the whole profile of a target.

Day One, has members getting their groups together new people to the event are not left out. Seasoned 3D Archers are paired with new members into their groups so that they can learn and enjoy the event.

Our field course is special and respected by all our archers that come there to participate in our events. Last year we saw ducks coming right up to archers as they came down to the field, this year the course had kangaroos lying down on the course as archers walked down to start the vent (they stay out of our way).
This all adds to the atmosphere of the course and the event, all archers know that these animals are so used to seeing us on the course, they can be lying but a few feet away from you watching you take your shot and not flinch. Shrubs also held some more fun creatures and you will see a photo of one later, that was elevated to star status with all the photo people took (we knew where she was and did advise competitors). It showed the importance of following the markers laid out on the course.

In no time the ranges were once again filled with archers of all ages, the sound of arrows making their mark was greeted with a sigh of relief as well as that air of confidence at least until they moved to the next target – our aim was to design these courses with targets not having to be set at maximum distance to make the courses challenging.

In time the archers came back with scores, all challenged and all determined to do better tomorrow.
The indoor range became a buzz with last minute tuning, sight tape adjustments and then onto the target range to cross check the outcomes, while this was taking place the ranges were being reset.

Two range setter across the two ranges, each broken into segments so that no one person really knew where the pegs would be placed or the targets changed (one range setter not competing but gave his time to help out).

Day two sun into place and once again the courses were a buzz with comments, was this the same as we shot yesterday? Why is the shot looking familiar, yet so different? Had to think about that one?

Congratulation to Drew Orton (one of our Youth Archers), shooting the perfect two rounds in succession 200pts out of 200 great work.
Presentations done and the talk was now not only of the next 3D AAA event at Mornington Peninsula Bowmen in April 8th & 9th, but also of the new one day events that Diamond Valley Archers are going to undertake (there will be a series of 5 of these in 2017) – this is designed to complement our 2 day sanctioned shoots by giving new shooters to the event the opportunity to come along to a one day event and enjoy a 3D event.
Our first one day event will take place on the 30th of April 2017 at Diamond Valley Archers.
In closing I thought I would get some words from one of our CUBS on how they found the week end.

My 3daaa Weekend by Shaylen
On the weekend I went to Diamond Valley Archers to shoot 3daaa for 2 days. I had so much fun shooting with Cordell, Jason and Mitch.
I was shooting barebow and it was my first time shooting from red peg. Last year I was shooting off blue peg. Some of the targets were tricky but it was so cool shooting across the gully and down the big hills. My favourite targets were the Turkey, Crocodile and Honey Bear. When I was about to shoot the honey bear I saw there was a big kangaroo behind it. I stopped and took my arrow out and laughed when Jason shoo’d it away a little bit just incase I missed the target. I didn’t miss though!

At presentations I got a framed certificate for 1st place and a voucher from all the sponsors of 3daaa. Thank you to the sponsors. I’m going to buy a new target ball!

I love my archery friends and can’t wait for 3daaa at Mornington next month.

By Shaylen Lowe
Age 8