2023 Annual General Meeting Notice

The Annual General Meeting for 3DAAA will be held on Saturday 15th July 2023.  The meeting will be held at the Sea View Tavern, Woolgoola, NSW and will commence at 5.15pm.

The 3DAAA Association welcomes and encourages all its members to come and be part of this event.  This is an alcohol-free function; no alcohol is to be consumed during the meeting.  Please feel free to join the outgoing and incoming committee members after the AGM for dinner and drinks.


  • Apologies to be received
  • Minutes of the 2022 AGM
  • Presidents Report
  • Treasurers Financial Report

The below positions are due for election.  Please find below the nominees for the 2023 AGM positions:


  • PRESIDENT – 2 Year Rotation
  • SECRETARY – 2 Year Rotation


  • MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY – 2 Year Rotation
  • TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR – 2 Year Rotation



Nominee Profile

Troy Carter
I would like to take the opportunity for any members that don’t know me to introduce myself and tell you a little about myself.  I have been shooting archery for approximately 7 years. I was first introduced into the sport by my son Kade who tried a bit of archery at a school camp. He came home and said he wanted to buy a bow and join a club.  Little did I know there was an archery club right in our town Grafton, the Grafton Bowhunters. His mum took him for the first couple of months and then I was told it was my turn to take him. It was an outdoor shoot shooting 3D targets.  The moment I watched this I thought I have to have a go.  I was instantly hooked.   I started shooting at club level and soon began going to a few 3DAAA sanctioned shoots. I have consistently been going to many 3D shoots over the last 5 years. 
I live in Grafton NSW so fortunately I have the ability to get to many Qld and NSW shoots.  I have also made the effort to get to many Victorian shoots each year as well. I have only been part of the 3DAAA committee for a year but have had previous experience as the President of Grafton Ghosts JRL Club for 3 years where I also coached rugby league for 7 years.  I would like to nominate for President of 3DAAA because I believe I can optimize the committee in working together for our members.
I look forward to pitching my ideas to our members at the upcoming AGM.
Regards  Troy Carter
Nate Butterfield
I have worked with the committee for several years as treasurer, during that time I was instremental in making 3DAAA successful multiple nationals, new methods of policies & developed the current range setters course, assisted two asset managers in bringing the 3DAAA assets up to a standard the members can be proud of.  I have always be an advocate for this majority of the members and not the majority that seek to disrupt this association.  I have the knowledge and the experience across all fields of the management of 3DAAA and am highly motivated to take 3DAAA to the next level of success in Australia. 
Cordell McGuire
My background with 3D AAA covers some 20 years, in this time I have served on the 3DAAA Committee continuously.
During this time, I have held the secretarial role and several other roles on the committee as President and Vice President while maintaining my primary role as Secretary.
Combine this with my experience and managing Archery Clubs and set up the clubs in Victoria to participate in 3D AAA events, experience in Insurance, WorkSafe Australia and Finance, with an association / committee has allowed me to transfer these skills in our Association to improve and grow the 3DAAA Archery Association in Australia.
In my role I have been able to transition new committee members across the history of the Association, the decisions made and ensuring the importance of maintaining information that enables the committee to make constructive decisions for the Association and its members.
It is not only, just maintaining the minutes and ensuring that appointed tasks to committee members are followed through it also involves at the same time acknowledging the legality of this information in relation to Privacy and the need to protect members privacy.
In addition to these tasks, I have been instrumental in co-ordinating a wide range of activities for the association that have benefited the members be able enjoy their sport.
From enabling the association, to run the Nationals successfully when we had to transfer Insurance to cover the running of the 2019 event during extreme bushfires, based on the strong relationships that has been built up over a number of years.
Preparing the Safety requirements for NSW Forestry to meet their legislative needs so we can run events on their grounds.
Working as a Range Setter to incorporate our training.
Introducing the Safety Matrix that allowed us to manage through the 2019 to 2022 Pandemic, and many more that are done behind the scenes that makes our Association its members and events run within legislative requirements and safely.
Therefore, as I put my hand up one more time for this position as Secretary, I bring with all the experience I have brought to this association to maintain the ongoing operations of the relatively new committee/s as they in turn can gain experience and history of the Archery Association, I have been proud to be associated with for some 20 years and served as a committee member.
Cordell McGuire
Tournament Director
Ben Doyle
I will try and keep this as brief and direct as possible. I started out as a junior with 3daaa over 20 years ago, and throughout the years I worked my way through the divisions growing, listening and learning, coming to the conclusion of what I believe to be a standard for sportsmanship and common ground for all competitors and members. That along with what I feel would benefit majority if not all of 3daaa members moving into the future, brings me to why I am reapplying for the position of tournament director.
This next 12 months if reelected, I will be making numerous changes to the rule book to benefit everyone involved against others that like to break rules, cheat and violate genuine archers that put in the hard work, archers that spend their hard earned money to go away and enjoy what they love so much. I will be the backbone for all those that don’t get heard, all those that don’t have the confidence or may not quite know how to stand up for what is right and just. I will be the person that anyone can come to without being judged or looked down on for asking a question.
I want the opinions from every member, and all the information to make informed decisions moving this association into the future.
I will be the person that all of our members can come to with anything without feeling that their inquiry or possibly complaint be leaked to the public where they may be judged without knowing the whole story. I will be that person the members can put 100% trust in.
If the members of this association are willing to put their trust in me. I will endeavor to put the effort in, and make sure that I stand strong on a bright future for all to enjoy the sport we have all grown to love so much.
Membership Secretary
Merrilyn Sheather
My name is Merrilyn Sheather and I have been part of 3D AAA since its inception.  I have been shooting a bow since 1980 and during the ensuing years I have been part of ever evolving local club, A.A., A.B.A. and from 1995, part of the origins of 3D Archery in Australia.
When Terry and I first began talking about a new archery body one of our key aims was to take care of the members and the clubs. It was with this priority in mind that I picked up the role of Membership Secretary for 3D in Feb., 2020, when the position was vacated. Since then, and starting with no information, I have worked to understand the intricacies of the role as well as its importance. 
I have worked over these last two and a half years to ensure prompt and efficient processing of the 3D Membership, whilst trying to keep a personal touch. I have thoroughly enjoyed this interaction with the members of our sport and would like to continue in this role.
I still have some goals that I believe need to be achieved and that would help the professional status of 3D AAA. I would like the opportunity to work on these future goals while continuing to work effectively and efficiently with and for the Membership