Important Membership Information

With club and sanctioned shoots starting back. This is a friendly reminder to check your membership card expiry date. We currently are not sending out reminders and you need to be aware of your own membership details.
We have a 1-2 day turn around on memberships and processing them daily.

You membership is calculated on the anniversary of your initial joining date. Which means if you leave it for one to six months you only get the remainder of the year. The committee has gratuitously extended memberships by 3 months from the anniversary of your membership. Not the date you re-join.

Eg: The first time you joined was 1 January 2018 for 1 year, your membership is due 1 January 2019, you forget to join until 25 February 2019, your membership still expires 1 January 2020, and you keep your continuous membership towards your 10-20 year awards.
If you wait until after 1 March 2019 to re-join you still only receive membership till 1 January 2020 But you lose your continuous membership and start your time back to 1 year no matter how many years you have been a member.
This is detailed in the constitution for those that wish to read more about it.

It is important to keep your membership current as you will not be covered by insurance the day after your membership expires. The 3 month grace period only applies to your continuous membership awards and not insurance.

We look forward to seeing you all behind the bow again and good luck to those getting ready to compete in the next few weeks.

If you have any issues with membership please email: