2021 Important Membership Information

With sanctioned shoots starting in full swing. This is a stern reminder to check your membership card expiry date. We currently are not sending out reminders and you need to be aware of your own membership details.
We have a 1-2 day turn around on memberships and processing them daily.

You membership is calculated on the anniversary of your initial joining date. Which means if you leave it for one to six months you only get the remainder of the year. 
In Accordance with the competition policy; 
10.3 Membership Validation
It is the Affiliated Club’s responsibility to check the membership status of all competitors at any Sanctioned Event, special or Club Event.
In order to facilitate the process for Sanctioned Events and Special Events, 3DAAA will provide to the Host Club, no earlier than 5 days before the start of the Event, a list of all the current financial members of 3DAAA as at the last day of the Event. This list is provided in an electronic form.

If a competitor claims to be financial and can produce a Membership Card or receipt from the on-line membership system in support of their claim, but their name does not appear on the list, they are to be regarded as being financial and the matter referred to the Membership Secretary in the Shoot Report following the Event.
If a competitor claims to be a Member and their name does not appear on the list and they cannot be produce a Membership Card in support of their claim, the competitor has two options:
1. They can complete a Membership Application and pay the membership fee and compete in their preferred division. If, at a later date, 3DAAA finds an error in their membership status, the membership fee will be refunded in full.
2. The competitor can pay the shoot fee alone and compete in the NCC class. If at a later date, 3DAAA finds an error in their membership status no alteration to the Event placings or Annual Awards points will be made.
If a competitor is later found to be un-financial at the time of the Event, the Score Recorder will make an adjustment in the Shooter of the Year points and the official results listing. It will be the Host Club’s responsibility to manage the re-allocation of trophies.

It is important to keep your membership current as you will not be covered by insurance the day after your membership expires. The 3 month grace period only applies to your continuous membership awards and not insurance.

If you have any issues with membership please email: Membership@3daaa.com.au