COVID-19 Update- 10th of August 2020

Congratulations and a thank you to all the clubs running events and applying and upgrading their Risk Management Plans in line with activities undertaken.



Clubs can continue to manage current activities within local, State & Territory and federal governing bodies guidelines and requirements.


It is imperative that the clubs ensure that they have in place their Risk Management Plans before each event and activity.


This remains the club’s committee’s or delegated person’s responsibility.



State of Origin Event – this has been postponed based on current COVID-19 restrictions in States & Territories as well as the current border closures – a new date to be provided



3D AAA Nationals – The Committee is still undertaking activities with stakeholders planning for the 2020 Nationals at Nambucca Heads. With our current situation in managing COVID-19 in 2020, we are going to review the situation approximately 7 weeks from the scheduled date of the Nationals and will advise our membership of the outcome.


Once again we would like to thank our membership for their continuing support

Terry Sheather


3D AAA Archery Association of Australia