3DAAA Victorian State Series – Mornington Peninsula Bowmen


MPB first 3DAAA event this year

Previous weeks in lead up to our Shoot a number of works a had been completed to the club grounds, Including a fresh coat of paint to the entire club house and storage facilities as well as some new roofing and fences put in place.

The Entire grounds and course where mowed and a number of downed trees where cut and cleared

Most importantly we replenished our entire practice range from some old target butts kindly donated to us from Sherbrook archers, after a little bit of refurbishment our practice rang once again look great, Non could of been achieved without a number of hard working members who came and donated their time to support our club.

The 3 courses where set on the Friday with the help of a number of Club members.

The club had just recently purchased some new targets so we took the opportunity to place them with a lot of thought , we like to make sure our course are challenging and unique making use of shadowy spots and crested knolls for tricky shots. There’s Nothing better than hearing reports of how a top shooter fudged a few of the targets..

Friday afternoon as we had just finished setting the course and going through some finale grounds upkeep we where graced by the presence of a few 3DAAA Top brass.

Mike, Rob & Ron Had made the effort to come down for our shoot, it was great to see the support from national.

The afternoon also saw a number of shooters roll in and make use of our camping facilities.


The shooting Ran Smoothly as expected All shooters where on the course by 9am Most competitors had made it back in and handed over score sheets by 1pm, they were welcomed by our canteen running full steam to supply them with a hearty feed. Including a selection of baked goods kindly donated to the club, by one of our members

As always the members behind the counter did an amazing job of feeding the competitors.

By this stage I was starting to hear reports of missed targets, This would usually puts a smile on my face, however the Target in question, I also missed.

Saturday night the club had the bonfire cranking and the usual crowd of campers gathered around, we organized a bulk order of pizza for dinner, That always seems to keep people happy.


With the courses being changed around, more opportunity for a few new tricky shots arose.

Once again the shooting ran smoothly, scores were collected and presentations went on without a hitch, a number of the club members took home some trophies as well as some junior members winning a voucher from the 3DAAA sponsors. (the kids where extremely happy with that)

A lot of time and effort went into the preperati0on of this event, So it was great to hear nothing but praise from the competitors.

It was a pleasure hosting the 3DAAA Shoot.

Ryan Hopper
(Vice president MPB)