2022 Australian Championships Pre Nomination List.

Thank you for everyone that has pre nominated. 

Pre Nominations are ALL to be paid prior to Nationals. If you have not paid you will not be allowed to shoot. No exceptions. Payments can still be made to the nominated bank account up until the Thursday before Nationals.  Last payments are to be made before Thursday (9/11/19). If payment is not made you will not be allowed to shoot.

CHECK to see your NAME is Correct as per your MEMBERSHIP CARD, 

CHECK your Division is correct. 

Over the next week check to ensure you have a “CONFIRMED” PAYMENT Next to your name.  If you have a $ To Pay and wish to confirm why please  use the email below.

If you do not see confirmed once the list has been updated,  please contact treasurer@3daaa.com.au with DATE and reference number of your deposit. If it is grey next to your name, you have been counted with the first name on your nomination.